Recombinant Proteins

IPOC™ manufactures recombinant proteins for use in point of care assays, Western Blots, ELISAs and other applications including controls and calibrators. All recombinant proteins are produced in E.coli and cloned from a human cDNA library (excluding Streptavidin-NC). Please contact us for more information on stock and availability.

Catalog # Specificity
RP-1000 Carbonic Anhydrase III
RP-2400 Creatine Kinase MB
RP-2600 Creatine Kinase MM
RP-3400 Cardiac Troponin I
RP-7500 Myoglobin
RP-8000 proBNP
RP-8100 NT-proBNP
RP-9000 Streptavidin-NC

The following recombinant proteins are available by request. Contact us for more information.

Catalog # Specificity
RP-2000 Creatine Kinase BB
RP-2100 Single Chain Creatine Kinase MB
RP-2500 Single Chain Creatine Kinase BM
RP-3000 Cardiac Troponin CIT Complex
RP-3200 Cardiac Troponin C
RP-3300 Cardiac Troponin C-I Complex
RP-3600 Cardiac Troponin T
RP-3800 Fast Skeletal Troponin I
RP-4000 Muscle Fatty Acid Binding Protein
RP-6000 Ventricular Myosin Light Chain 1

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.