International Point of Care PrimeCare Hydrophilic Asymetric Membranes

Primecare™ Hydrophilic Asymetric Membranes are ideal for the rapid separation of red blood cells from plasma and for plasma collection.  They are a unique blend of inert polymers with defined thicknesses and pore sizes.  These membranes are manufactured using a proprietary blend of polymers and coating solution to produce membranes with the following properties:

  • High separation efficiency per cm2, ~ 33% of whole blood volume depending on hematocrit
  • No hemolysis
  • No red blood cell leakage
  • Separation time of ~ 60 seconds per cm2, depending on hematocrit
  • No non-specific protein binding

IPOC™’s Primecare™ Membranes are manufactured to a variety of different specifications to suit the demanding needs of the IVD device industry. Primecare™ membranes can be used to separate whole blood in a variety of different platforms including lateral flow point-of-care test kits to instrument based microfluidic devices.

Our technical service team can assist you in identifying the appropriate membrane for your individual requirements.  Please contact our customer service department for more information.